Your First Point of Contact
Will Always Be One of The Owners

Rich with industry experience of over 25 years, the family behind the business at Komitas Salon Funéraire is there to ensure a seamless delivery of your unique needs.

We understand the importance of honoring your loved one’s final wishes and will work to guarantee your peace of mind in tough and critical times.

We value our customer satisfaction and wish to be on goingly involved in it. We believe in a warm personalized approach, from our family to yours.

Through that same approach, we have also built an incredible team of professionals who are there to ensure your every expectation is exceeded upon delivery of service.

Our Core Values Never Change

We will always be guided by our personal and human nature in our approach with our client and the execution of our services.


There are multiple aspects of respect we thrive to honor…

Final wishesRespect for the deceased final wishes

TraditionsRespect for cultural and religious traditions and differences

Family and loved onesRespect for the family’s loss and unique needs


Your loved ones deserve to be dignified in the celebration of their life and being also in time of death. We will provide ongoing support to help you create a journey’s end memorial fit to honor the deceased and allowing fond memories to live on.


Professional delivery of a personalized service is our expertise, but it is our compassion and kindness that sets us apart. We take pride in handling each individual service and infusing it with genuine caring, understanding and compassionate guidance.

Every Commemoration Should Be Unique

We only live once. All the more reason a memorial service should be extraordinary.


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Whether you are in need of immediate assistance or interested in making your own final wishes known, we are always available to provide guidance.