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Sossi Topdjian

Sossi Topdjian 06 septembre 1944 - 06 décembre 2022

Sossi Topdjian 06 septembre 1944 - 06 décembre 2022

Sossi Topdjian was born on the 6th of September 1944 in Beirut Lebanon. She was the eldest of Vartkes and Alice Topdjian’s three children. She lived a happy childhood in Lebanon along with her two brothers Bartev and Sarkis until the age of 13.

In January 1958, the family moved and settled down in Ethiopia, where Sossi attended the Lycee Guebre Mariam school and made a new life and many enduring friendships.

She and her two brothers then moved back to Lebanon in 1961 to continue their education. She graduated from Beirut Evangelical School for Girls in June 1964 and shortly afterwards joined her family in Ethiopia for what was to be a vacation. Destiny however had other plans for her and the vacation became a new life, when she met Hagop Pamboukian, who became her husband in February 1964.

Together they had three children; Bedros, Taline and Liza. As a family their life took many twists and turns, when they had to leave Ethiopia in 1974 due to the revolution and then Lebanon in 1980 due to the civil war. Eventually settling down in Dubai in United Arab Emirates, where she passed away on the 6th of December 2022.

Sossi was raised with deep enduring values which guided every aspect of her life. She was a woman of courage and resilience who dedicated her life to the care of others, especially her children, no matter the personal sacrifice, until June 2016 when she was forced to allow others to care for her.

She lived with grace, fortitude, beauty and elegance. She was the binding force and the rock that united all, until her last breath. A woman who’s actions always spoke louder than her words and will be remembered as such by all those who really knew her.

She is deeply mourned by her children, Bedros, Taline and Liza Pamboukian, by her daughter in law Cathy and grand children Anthony, Aren and Alex. By her brother Sarkis and his wife Betty Topdjian and their children Natalie and Carol and her nephews Vicken and Sarim Topdjian. By her cousin and true loving sister Rita Aslanian and her third daughter Seza Aslanian and Sebouh Aslanian. By her sister in laws Marie and Suzanne Pamboukian and her nieces and nephews, Gaspi, Lilly, Sybil and Marlyn. And finally by her caretaker Jiji who was her guardian angel throughout the last six and half years of her life.

May she abide in light and love with her loved ones who went before her. She will always be remembered with fondness and love.

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Cérémonie de l'église:

vendredi, 16 décembre 202214:00 - 14:30 Église Arménienne Apostolique St Grégoire L’Illuminateur,

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vendredi, 16 décembre 202215:00 - Cimetière Mont-Royal,

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